How we get paid

A flat fee payment

For some services, the companies we work with pay us a flat, fixed fee when you buy something from them after visiting our site. The amount we get paid is the same, regardless of how much you pay as a customer, and our fee has no bearing on the price you pay.
We get paid in this way when you buy a hosting package, logo design package or favicon design packing. We will always encourage you to use the free package trial to start with to tensure that you ar happy with the service and with the prices quoted

A commission

We normally receive the commission as a one-off payment in the first year after you buy, regardless of how long your contract (where applicable) is for. Any commercial agreement we have in place with the advertised providers won’t affect how we compare or rank the votes. We will always try to display them in a way that honestly reflects the votes cast on our site.

Annual Subscription

Students / Users can create an account with us for an annual fee. This account allows access to the code used to generate all pages on this site. Normal (non-account) users do not have the facility to copy and paste the code.